Monday, 7 October 2013

The Bear Grill...

My room-mate and I popped into The Bear Grill for lunch, she suggested that if I liked burgers then this was a really good choice. The burgers are absolutely massive and I ordered the Hunters Chicken, which consisted of grilled chicken, bacon, salad, cheese and barbecue sauce. I didn't fancy the barbecue sauce so I asked whether they could swap it for sweet chilli instead. The burger was served with a side of salad and chips, the presentation was very nice and the proportions were manageable.

The meal was served in a wooden board and the salad dressing was divine

 The chips were served in a mini chip fryer, which is just cool.

I was very hungry so I managed to finish the entire meal. The price was very reasonable and the staff were nice. If you would like to eat there The Bear Grill

Valli xx