Saturday, 26 October 2013

Memories 1...

I love taking pictures, I love to capture things; beauty, scenery, life, etc. I thought I would start a segment where I post pictures that I have taken and pictures that I like, this can be from anywhere and about anything.

My brother had this nutella, chocolate and brownie crepe in the Bellagio, Las Vegas.

The Monte Carlo Magical Fountain Show, we saw this quite a few times, an every time it was amazing.

Pictures are memories and it is good to have a lot of memories, when you look back at them you remember the place where the picture was taken and all you felt at that moment rushes back, whether it be good or bad, and I love that..

I had to take a picture of this sign, it is just classic and I have decided that whatever place I visit in the near future, I will definitely be taking pictures with the name of the place.

This is in the Paris Shopping Centre.

How lovely does this look..

And I am going to be doing this every Wednesday, because it is my favourite day of the week other than the weekend(obviously). Let me know what you like and tell me a good memory...  

Valli xx