Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Betty Barclay....

So, I bought a new bag from TKMaxx... The make of the bag is Betty Barclay and it is a cross-body bag with I'd say a dark beige colour mixed with a bit of grey, the colour with the silver buckle and chain is very complementary. 

It does have a handle but I probably won't use it very often, I'm more of a have the bag on the shoulder kinda person

It has Betty Barclay indented on both sides of the bag on the side strap

The bag has a bit of chain joined to the strap and this sticks with the new trend, chains are very big right now and I am slowly getting into it

The strap is like a belt buckle and is adjustable to suit you, I made it as small as possible so that it doesn't hit my leg when I walk

The bag is very spacious

I absolutely love this bag, it's suits all my needs and it is very spacious, I scoured the entire store and only spotted this at the end, lucky me ;)

Valli xx