Tuesday, 9 July 2013

West Wittering...

Going to the beach is always very exciting, the weather is lovely, everyone looks forward to getting a dip in the water and eating ice-creams. We went on a family trip to West Witerring beach, we arrived at the beach at lunch time and I had a veggie burger and fries, I did not manage to finish the chips but the burger was very nice.

A little bit of history.. In 1951 there were talks of a company buying up the land to build a holiday complex, the people of Witerring looked to another company called the West Wittering Eastern Limited and raised and paid 20,54 to buy the land, their main objective is to preserve the beach and it's water so that the public can enjoy it peacefully and safely. 

There were cottages in every colour and combination

The water is very calm and peaceful, so if you're just looking to walk it's perfect. 

Classic shot of my feet

The day was absolutely amazing, my ice-cream melted, slept in the sun, took an umbrella for shade which ended up flying in every direction and finally had a piece of Victorian sponge for tea to finish of the day.

Valli xx