Sunday, 17 November 2013

Car Boot Sale....

I have always loved going to car boot sales, the little stands for food are very very tasty(they might not be that good for you..but who cares!). So this was the first car boot sale I went to after arriving at University, I was very excited indeed.

It rained yesterday and this resulted in the ground being wet and thank god I wore my boots, anything else and it would have been absolutely muddy and icky. There were stalls ranging from fruits, vegetables, clothes, household items and everything you could imagine that would fit in a car boot.

I am very glad that I do not own any type of property, If I did I would have gone crazy and bought a huge amount of stuff which I probably would'nt need. Well, anyway my friend and me walked through the aisle's and I picked up two things; the first being this lipstick from the Kate Moss collection for Rimmel London and the second being Sally hansen's complete salon manicure bottom coat.

This lipstick is in the shade 12, Rossetto and it is from the Lasting Finish by Kate. This was a £1 and it was brand spanking new, can you believe it.

The Sally Hansen top/bottom coat was £2

After looking around at the car boot sale, we headed to primark where a few things were tried on and I found this dress which was £2, can you believe it?. I went to primark on the second week of October and did'nt buy this dress for some reason and here it was again for £2 in the second week of November(Karma, coincedence!). The dress was avaiable only in a size 10 and normally I am a size 12, I tried this on and it fit me perfectly, thank god for the odd primark sizing sometimes... 

It is a smock dress and the back has these buttons half way down, which I like very much..

I am liking dresses at the moment and this is a very casual dress which is one of the best type of dress..

Do tell me what amazing things that you have found in a car boot sale, charity/thrift shop etc.

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